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Resolution: A Better Way to Cohabit

Resolution: A Better Way to Cohabit

Hundreds of unmarried couples in Brentwood are at risk of losing everything if their relationship breaks down. 

Wortley Byers Law has called on unmarried couples in Brentwood to take action to protect themselves, as they could be vulnerable if the relationship breaks down. 

Louise Margiotta, Head of the Family Team at the firm made the calls as part of a national Cohabitation Awareness Week (27th November to 1st December) that is being led by Resolution, who campaign for a fairer family justice system. 

Cohabitation Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about the lack of rights that exist for unmarried couples who live together. 

There are about 7 million people in the UK living in this type of relationship, making this the fastest growing family type in the country. 

Louise explained that most couples she has worked with mistakenly believe that they acquire “common law” rights after living with their partner for a certain amount of time or having children together. 

Louise goes on to say: “The sad reality is that unmarried couples in Brentwood have very limited legal rights and responsibilities towards each other if the relationship breaks down. I regularly meet people who have been affected in this way, and because of the lack of legal protection, there are times when I simply can’t help them. This is why I urge all cohabiting couples in Brentwood to consider taking out basic protections, such as a cohabitation agreement to protect both partners if they separate, or think about life insurance. By setting out your intentions in these documents, you’ll be in a much better situation if the unexpected happens.” 

Louise added that Resolution had made resources available, both to the public but also local advice providers, such as mortgage advisers, to help them spread the word to cohabiting couples they work with.

For further information about cohabitation or any other matter relating to family law, contact Louise and her team via email or call 01277 268 379.