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Introducing Fertility Law at Wortley Byers Law

Introducing Fertility Law at Wortley Byers Law

Wortley Byers Law is pleased to announce that it is now able to offer Fertility Law advice as part of its comprehensive family law services. 

Given 1 in 6 children are now being born through fertility treatment it is important that those involved are aware of the significant legal impact that treatment can cause even if it is outside of your remit. 

Numerous legal cases have taken place, costing clinics and the NHS thousands of pounds, as a result of the HFEA Audit into the treatment and record keeping at clinics across the Country.  In fact Justice Munby the President of the family division has recently stated that clinics need to be more proactive in respect of the issues coming before the Courts. 

It is therefore essential that clinics in particular are fully aware of the legal implications in undertaking fertility treatment from questions over legal parenthood to employment leave obligations. 

We are pleased to confirm that Caroline Andrews has recently joined this firm and can offer a range of advice on fertility law.  Caroline has been involved in the fertility sector for many years as a volunteer trustee for Verity (the PCOS charity) working closely with many clinics in supporting families.  She also has the precedent case on fertility law and legal parenthood which the Head of the Family Division Justice Munby described ‘as the legally appropriate way of dealing with these cases’.  

Caroline is in a unique position to assist patients, whilst at the same time adding to clinics’ level of patient services and care, by ensuring a full clear understanding of the legal implications of treatment.  This can be provided at more convenient and cost effective availability then other London firms. 

Therefore if you are interested in speaking with Wortley Byers Law about options available such as fixed price appointments, to representation at court please email Caroline or call 01277 268 349.